10 Things to Know

10 Things You Really Need To Know Before Building Your New Kitchen…..

By Shane Bloomfield

1.   Not every new kitchen builder charges the same way. For example, some charge as much as 50% up front, and then want most of the balance before the actual installation. Good luck if they don’t do a great job for you, as they have 95% of the money. Bill & Ben ask zero up front, then final payment on installation.

2.   Before you put in a new kitchen – the old one must be removed. Some cabinetmakers may charge for this upfront, or send you a bill after the installation of the new kitchen. Bill & Ben do not charge for kitchen removal.

3.   Similarly – you can be charged for the disposal of your old kitchen. Or it may simply be left there on your front lawn for you to take to the dump yourself. We remove it for no charge.

4.   How long is it going to take to do the actual installation? Some take up to 3 days to get all the vital sections like plumbing, electricals and so on completed. Your home can be disrupted quite severely by this. In 19 years, Bill & Ben have never taken more than a day to complete a kitchen installation.

5.   There are bench tops, and there are bench tops. Ask whether those you have chosen are non-exterior grade like “Aquaban”, which is only “water resistant chipboard”. We use only exterior grade structural ply – which makes it “waterproof”.

6.   As with bench tops – there are “kick boards”. Again you need to know if you are being supplied with Aquaban type products – which are only water resistant – and will “dissolve” if you use hot water. (I don’t know about you – but I like to mop my kitchen floors with hot water!) Bill & Ben again use only exterior grade structural ply.

7.   Here is one of the secrets for having a kitchen perform well for a very long time. When you think about your kitchen overhead cupboards – having a full laminate under them will make it easier to clean, and also protect them from cooking steam and corrosive grease. Some kitchen builders just put edge stripes to the ends of these cupboards. Over time they will get harder and harder to clean as the stripes get older.

8.   Who is going to organize and coordinate all the necessary subcontractors? Some kitchen suppliers will leave this for you to do or charge a commission on the subcontractors work. Bill & Ben organize and coordinate ALL subcontractors needed to remove and replace your kitchen. We will also fully Warranty the work of the subcontractors for 6 years as well.

9.   When it comes to getting your kitchen design right – it can take some real thinking. You don’t want to rush it, and you want it right. Some kitchen suppliers will not allow you to take your plan home unless you sign a contract first! Others charge for you to take the plan home (really?). Bill & Ben will design, draw and supply a FREE proposal for your new kitchen. And yes, you can take it home with you.

10.   The other tough part of getting your kitchen right is selecting the colours and appliances. Some suppliers tell you to do this by yourself – and come back when you have sorted it out. We know that it can be extraordinarily confusing once colour choices start to mount up. And we also know after all this time what will ‘work’ in a kitchen – both in colour selection and in appliances. We help you get this vital part of your new kitchen right.

11.   As a bonus 11th thing you need to know – we consider our patience and sense of humour as vital tools in helping you get the best kitchen. Added to this is our rule to always speak up if there is flaw in your kitchen design. If we think it won’t look great – we promise to say so. Our motto is “We build great kitchens.”