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BSA Warranty
What You Need To Know About Warranties For Your New Kitchen...
By Shane Bloomfield


Now - we always want good warranties for the things we buy, but what good are they if you don’t understand what they cover?


So today, I’m going to try and explain the basics of what some of them do.

What is your BSA WARRANTY?


First of all, BSA stands for Building Service Authority, and they control some of the building industry.  They give licences to qualified trades people to do work for the public.  My license number is 50410.  It’s a good idea to only work with licensed tradespeople. 

With a New House You Get a 6 Year Warranty from Your Builder


When you build a new house, you get a six (6) year structural warranty.  This isn’t free; you pay a small fee to your builder as part of your contract.  It covers structural aspects of your house.  All sub-contractors are included in this warranty.

What About Just A New Kitchen?


As I’ve already said, cabinetmakers are licensed as well, and whether your building a new kitchen or renovating an existing one, you still have a warranty. 


We must give you a six (6) year warranty as well.  This includes all the sub-contractors we employ to install your new kitchen.  Your warranty for your kitchen, not only covers all sub-contractors work but workmanship faults as well.

For example, the edge striping on doors lifting off WOULD be covered.  This is great, but remember these warranties won’t cover you for accidental damage (or acts of stupidity!)

Even if your cabinetmaker closes the doors of his business or has a nasty incident with a bus, you are still covered.


The BSA will send you a confirmation letter once your cabinetmaker or builder has registered your new kitchen.  This warranty is also transferable even if you sell your house.  The warranty stays with the kitchen for six (6) years from the install date.  You can use this as a selling point with prospective buyers – so remember to keep your paperwork safe!


Now, if you and your cabinetmaker are at odds about fixing a problem, you can fill in a complaint form with the BSA. http://www.bsa.qld.gov.au/Pages/BuildingServicesAuthority.aspx They will act as mediators at first, but if necessary, have the power to demand rectification (ie they fix it) or the cabinetmaker could risk losing his license.  This service is free to you – and is very worthwhile knowing about. 


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