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Helpful Kitchen Design Articles To Make Your Kitchen Design a Breeze…

10 Things You Really Need To Know Before Building Your New Kitchen…..
By Shane Bloomfield

Not every new kitchen builder charges the same way. For example, some charge as much as 50% up front, and then want most of the balance before the actual installation….
4 Simple Steps to Your Perfect New Kitchen…
By Shane Bloomfield

Understanding the order of doing things to get a great kitchen can make a big difference to how much enjoyment or stress you get from the process….
Shane’s Top 10 Helpful Kitchen Design Tips…
By Shane Bloomfield

Design Tip 1 :  If possible always build overhead cupboards that go all the way to the ceiling….
How To Get The Right Colours For Your New Kitchen…
By Shane Bloomfield

So – I’ve been asked to write more articles for my web site. This is because of the positive feed back (Thanks!) from my clients about my first articles which were…
What You Need To Know About Warranties For Your New Kitchen…
By Shane Bloomfield

Now – we always want good warranties for the things we buy, but what good are they if you don’t understand what they cover?…
Appliance Selection Tips For Your New Kitchen
By Shane Bloomfield

Making a good choice with the appliances for your new kitchen is one of the keys to ensuring you get the kitchen you want. It seems simple – just go to some showrooms and pick the ones you want. But – once you are there a cloud of complexity and confusion can swallow you up!
How To Make Your Kitchen Doors, Doors and Panels Look Great!
By Shane Bloomfield

When you think about it, your kitchen doors, drawer and panels get more exposure than your bench tops. By this I mean your doors and drawers are never covered up by clutter, kettles or toasters.
Shane’s Bench Top Solutions
By Shane Bloomfield

Gone are the days of only choosing between pastel coloured laminates. We now have a vast range of choices for all different applications and taste. Putting my taste and views aside, I will try and explain their service ability and value.