Bill & Ben the Cabinet Men are the place to go when you need a fabulous new kitchen.  When you visit our Showroom in Garbutt you will be able to see the latest in terms of new materials, surfaces, colours, drawer hardware, automatic open and close, and a range of new kitchens ranging from simple to the most elegant.

With our focus on complete kitchen renovation, you get amazing service from our team.  This includes kitchen design done at it’s best.  Shane Bloomfield’s 30 years of designing and building ensures that you get the best kitchen design possible.  We like to use the term “dream kitchen”.

Once your kitchen design is created, you get to see inside a 3-D Video Preview.  This means you get to see your kitchen BEFORE it is built.  You can thoroughly check it out, make sure it is what your dream kitchen looks like – and that it works perfectly for your home and family.  Any little changes you want – done without fuss.


After that you will need an exact measure.  This means our pre-construction team will visit and get very precise measurements.  VERY precise measurements.  This is vital if you want your kitchen to fit perfectly.  Did you know that most existing homes are not perfectly “square”?  This visit is completed AFTER all other building work is complete in your renovation.  

Then you will be given an approximate installation date.  This allows time for special manufacturing to occur – for example with a 2-PAK surface to be applied to your kitchen surfaces.  It is also important to ensure that your appliances and fittings are available to be fitted at the same time.

We are very good at sticking to our installation dates at this stage.  The faster you can get all your decisions and choices complete – the sooner this exciting day arrives.  Most kitchens are installed in just one day, but sometimes when it is a large kitchen will take the installers 2 days.  We take care of removing and disposing of your old kitchen.

You are very welcome to take the first steps towards your new, dream kitchen by visiting our Showroom and saying hello.  We love kitchens and love showing our showroom to you.